17 August 2011

Crochet Kangaroo and Corey Taylor too!

It's been a while and my apologies for taking so long to update. With the hectic first year of Grad School approaching and my full-time seasonal job at Walgreens, I haven't had much time for my projects, much less updating my blog. This is not to say that I have forgotten about my blog, or that I haven't made anything since I posted last. This is simply not the case. For the most part, my Slipknot cross-stitch has been consuming all of my free time and quite possibly is taking over my life. If it weren't for work and helping my mom with some errands, I probably would have become room-bound and stitch crazy this summer while only putting my project down so I can put on the other side of my Slipknot records. If that were so, I would have been finished this thing by now.

Because the special edition cover of Vol. 3 (the subliminal verses) is taking so long to finish and after messing up on my undisclosed knitting project and tearing it out yet AGAIN, I needed to create small diversions here and there to keep myself sane (or at least as sane as humanly possible for me). What better way to do that than to crochet!

I have since discovered Etsy and the many wonderful things the posters have for sale. Being an avid kangaroo lover and Australia fanatic - I found Crochetroo's store and bought some patterns from her. She had one for the "True Blue Kangaroo" and she stitched up rather quickly. And, thanks to the members of Ravelry, I have created a boomerang to fit in her pouch. A true Aussie!!

Kangaroo (finished 05. July 2011):

what a beautiful little Sheila!
 Many thanks to Crochetroo for this pattern! :) If you would like to see her other creations, go to her blog here and please visit her Etsy store here too!

And now for my weird little Slipknot fan moment... I went to Michael's yesterday and bought some T-shirts strictly for the stretchy fabric. I planned on making a pokemon or something. The more I thought about it, the harder it was. Sewing is not my strength, and with that being said, I hardly ever do it. But anyway, I looked at my fabric and then looked up at my wall and I noticed that the colours I had were IDENTICAL to the colours Corey Taylor (for those that don't know, the lead singer of Slipknot. If Slipknot is not your thing, you might like Stone Sour) was wearing. Being rather late at night, I decided to make a Corey Taylor doll. I know, I'm strange, but that's part of my charm, right?

I looked around on the internet to see what kind of things I needed and I came across a YouTube video explaining how to make a Corey doll. Thanks to YouTube user xshabootiex for the great tutorial! So I got to sewing and finally finished him today! He doesn't look as good as I had hoped, but maybe someone who can sew really well will make me one that looks more like Corey than mine does!

Corey Taylor doll (finished 17. August 2011):


and for comparison, here's what Corey is *supposed* to look like:

I kind of see a similarity, but I guess I need to make a second attempt at this. :P

** The "True Blue Kangaroo" is copyright of Crochetroo Designs. Corey Taylor doll adapted from a design by XShabootieX at Youtube. The photos are my own. **