09 June 2014

Lion Rampant - finished!

I have had a bunch of UFO's piling up over the past few years, and I've been trying to make a bit of headway on those. As you all have seen, I recently finished the oriole crewel embroidery that had been hanging over my head for quite some time.

A few years ago, my mom went to Haus Tirol in Williamsburg, VA and got me a kit from Serendipity designs called "Lion Rampant". It's a nice little design of the leaping lion motif that you see in coats of arms and the like. The original design was stitched on navy blue aida, but I didn't really like how the stitches were laying, so I switched to natural linen.

I'd been working on the piece off and on for a while -- working on it mostly when I didn't want to work on one of my larger projects. Last night, I noticed how much I really had stitched and after glancing at the chart, I really didn't have much left -- about 300 stitches at most. After a short nap, I worked on the piece with the intention of getting it finished. 21:08 last night - it was done!

I'm very proud of it. I hope you like it too.

I have quite a few projects waiting to be finished. Hopefully the Slipknot one will be the next one of the long list of projects!

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